Migrating to the cloud has never been easier


Is your business looking to migrate your existing IT infrastructure and hardware to the cloud? With the help of Techings, migrating to the cloud has never been easier and may just be the solution your business is looking for.

At Techings, we offer to:

  • Develop your Cloud Services Solution to suit your business needs;
  • Migrate your systems to the Cloud;
  • Allow your business full control of operations through administrator controls;
  • Provide internet services to connect to the cloud; and
  • Backup your existing systems to the cloud

Whether you need a full migration of your system or a transition of some workloads to a cloud platform, we offer what’s best and most suitable to your work environment and business. Best of all, you will have complete control of the applications, data and operating systems you are running on.

At Techings, we don’t believe in a one sized approach for your business. We only develop and deliver scalable cloud services that are right for your business needs. The cloud services we offer are billed monthly and can be scaled up or down anytime to meet your operational capacity.

Our team has extensive technical knowledge and proven experience to manage your cloud solutions. The cloud services we offer will allow you to add new users, increase storage capacity when required, and pay only for the capacity you use.

What is the Cloud and why use it?

The cloud is a network server that allows your business to access data, applications and programs through the Internet. This means your business will be able to easily access and share files amongst its members, giving you greater flexibility and adaptability to meet your business needs and goals.

Migrating to the cloud not only offers business’s greater flexibility, it also offers greater financial competitiveness. Why rely on physical hardware that will quickly become outdated and devalued? Physical hardware means you are investing in an inflexible operating system, which will constantly require further investment to increase capacity as your business grows. In the cloud, you only pay for what you need.

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