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At Techings, we specialise in maximising business continuity and minimising recovery time.

We can protect your business’s important data through offsite backup via cloud technology. In the event of disaster, the backup solution we offer means you can restore systems and data quickly and cost effectively.

Disasters can strike any business unexpectedly. Whether it be hardware failure, network damage, malicious hacking, or even a real disaster like a fire or flood, it can have disastrous effects for your business.

All businesses need continuity to succeed, so recovering quickly is paramount. Without an adequate backup and disaster recovery plan, you are putting your business in danger.

We can offer to:

  • Work hand in hand with your business to ensure we understand how you operate and the impact IT failure could have on your business;
  • Develop tailored disaster recovery solutions including recovery time objectives and recovery point objectives (how much data you can afford to lose) that suit your business needs;
  • Develop recovery of systems strategy so that the recovery of your most important applications and data are prioritised first;
  • Provide partial or full system recovery testing to determine how vulnerable your business is to IT failure; and
  • Recover your data in the event of IT failure;

Contact us for an independent assessment of your IT systems and hardware that suits your business’s needs and goals.


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